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S6E31 Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe
By K Kujawa |

Krys hosts once again, and this week he’s joined by John (but not John) to discuss the various controversies after another action packed weekend of Scottish Football. Well, almost action packed. There was Kilmarnock v Hearts as well. It’s congratulations to Hibernian for clinching the Championship title, while in League One Alloa Athletic have secured [Read more]

S6E30 The Lafferty Impression
By K Kujawa |

Krys hosts for the second week in a row and is joined by returning guest, Hamish. With no opportunity missed, discussions quickly turn to how Hamish thinks Ian Cathro is doing so far, as well as later discussing what Krys thinks of the news of Brendan Rodgers signing a new deal. But of course, the [Read more]

S6E29 Hooked, Considine and Sinclair
By K Kujawa |

Krys picks up the hosting duties once again, conveniently following the weekend that saw Celtic clinch their sixth successive league title. That was done in style, with a hat-trick at the centre of the win over Hearts, but it wasn’t the most noted hat-trick of the weekend as that came on Friday night from the [Read more]

S6E28 Top of the Pops
By K Kujawa |

John is joined by Krys to discuss the week gone by in Scottish football. The charity bet saw us pick Hibs but it was Morton who ruined the bet by losing for the first time in a year. With the excitement of Scotland winning we almost forgot about the FGS charity bet failure. The Challenge [Read more]

S6E27 Levein’s Puppet Show
By C Adey |

John is joined by John B as they discuss the recent events in Scottish football. There is positive news for a change with regards to the charity bet as we actually got a winner. Aberdeen’s fine form continued at the weekend which prevented Celtic from securing the title just yet. In the bottom six, things [Read more]

S6E26 Forfar-k Sake
By K Kujawa |

It’s like a return to last season as John is joined by Krys. John B is in recovery after his stag. We fared a bit better with the charity bets but we still ended up losing both of them. It’s decided that Hibs have probably clinched the Championship but there is still time for them [Read more]

S6E25 Stag and Dwarf
By K Kujawa |

The terrific trio are on as John is joined by John B and Krys. There is pie chat to begin with thanks to @mackin83 tweeting us a photo of lasagne pie. All pie photos are welcome. There is brief discussion with regards to last week’s Premiership action but most focus is on Scottish Cup. As [Read more]

S6E24 Day Release Trio
By K Kujawa |

It’s the magic number again as John is joined by John B and Krys. There is no surprise to hear that the charity bets were losers. We were unlucky though as the game involving our FGS pick wasn’t played. John almost forgets about the Edinburgh derby from last week. I’m sure Hearts fans would like [Read more]

S6E23 Graeme Murty’s Handstand
By K Kujawa |

John returns after his break to host the podcast. He is joined by Krys and John B. The charity bets were once again unsuccessful which is a recurring theme. Aberdeen’s fine week is discussed with two victories. John was at the game and discusses flying mobile phones and lost keys after ‘the bounce’. Celtic win [Read more]

S6E22 Get Interim
By K Kujawa |

It’s all change at the top, and no we’re not just talking about the latest events at Ibrox! Krys is back hosting for the first time this season as John takes a well earned break, we suspect for Valentine’s Day as he goes to see his first love – Aberdeen. Don’t worry though, we have [Read more]