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S6E38 South American Drug War in Govan
By K Kujawa |

It’s the final podcast of the 2016/17 season. The two John’s and Krys are on to discuss the fixture between Scotland and England. There were highs and lows as Scotland managed to do what Scotland do best. They had the nation buzzing with Griffiths second free kick to go ahead but ended up only drawing. [Read more]

S6E37 Kelly Brook and the Celtic Housecoat
By K Kujawa |

It’s a squad on the podcast as Craig joins the recent regular trio of Krys and the two John’s. We’ve decided to donate the charity winnings of £487.71 from McBookie to the Tartan Army Children’s Charity John does a Kuate as the rest discuss the Premiership playoff. The cup final takes centre stage with an [Read more]

S6E36 Foran’s Rotten Core
By K Kujawa |

John is joined by John B and Krys with plenty to talk about as the season come towards it’s conclusion. We’re back to form with the charity bets as both were losers. Cowdenbeath preserved their league status and avoided a third consecutive relegation. There were two lots of Premiership fixtures with Aberdeen winning twice in [Read more]

S6E35 Four-midable Jack and Victor
By K Kujawa |

John returns and hosts the podcast, joined by John B and Krys. There is once again good news as we have a charity bet winner. That takes us to £487.71 for the season so still a chance to break £500 again. It is playoff central with lots being decided at the weekend. By the end [Read more]

S6E34 The Scoring Stag
By K Kujawa |

Krys is back from his holiday bromance and this week is joined by John and Hamish. Yes, we eventually get to the game between their two respective teams! But before that, the lower league season has come to a close so we reflect on the ups and downs, the great disappointments and the great escapes [Read more]

S6E33 Center Parcs 1 5
By C Adey |

John is joined by Craig, who makes a rare but welcome appearance on the podcast. There is great news with regards to our FGS charity bet as Stevie Mallan scored first to add  £100 to our charity pot. That gives us a total of £427. The other bet was unsuccessful due to Falkirk drawing with [Read more]

S6E32 Notorious McGregors
By K Kujawa |

John returns and is joined by Krys and John B. There is happiness all round as they all enjoyed their respective semis at the weekend. It was 50/50 with the charity bets as one was successful. Funnily enough, it added £50 to the charity pot. There’s plenty to play for in the lower leagues with [Read more]

S6E31 Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe
By K Kujawa |

Krys hosts once again, and this week he’s joined by John (but not John) to discuss the various controversies after another action packed weekend of Scottish Football. Well, almost action packed. There was Kilmarnock v Hearts as well. It’s congratulations to Hibernian for clinching the Championship title, while in League One Alloa Athletic have secured [Read more]

S6E30 The Lafferty Impression
By K Kujawa |

Krys hosts for the second week in a row and is joined by returning guest, Hamish. With no opportunity missed, discussions quickly turn to how Hamish thinks Ian Cathro is doing so far, as well as later discussing what Krys thinks of the news of Brendan Rodgers signing a new deal. But of course, the [Read more]

S6E29 Hooked, Considine and Sinclair
By K Kujawa |

Krys picks up the hosting duties once again, conveniently following the weekend that saw Celtic clinch their sixth successive league title. That was done in style, with a hat-trick at the centre of the win over Hearts, but it wasn’t the most noted hat-trick of the weekend as that came on Friday night from the [Read more]