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S6E8 Meat pies and sausage rolls
By C Adey |

After an unwelcome break, we’re back. John is joined by…John B. We like to confuse you. We’ve recorded more than a new band in last couple weeks. Let’s hope this one is a hit. In the charity bet, the FGS bet was unsuccessful and the treble was let down by Hibs who….well you know. The [Read more]

No podcast this week
By C Adey |

Unfortunately there will be no podcast this week. Despite John, John and Hamish “recording” a full podcast on Monday night, technical issues meant that the recording ended up being corrupted. John and John then made another attempt on Tuesday, but were once again foiled by technical issues. Rumours that I sabotaged the podcast to avoid [Read more]

S6E7 The Two Johnnies
By C Adey |

John hosts the podcast and is joined by debutant John B, who is also an Aberdeen fan. There is good news to start with as the FGS charity bet came in which added £33.33 to the pot. St Mirren were the first team to get rid of their manager with John B mentioning how he’d [Read more]

S6E6 Egg on your chin, flying low
By C Adey |

John is joined by Craig and Hamish as they discuss the recent events in Scottish football. Even though Craig is on, there is no pie chat. Once again the charity bet treble sees two out of three win. The FGS bet is unsuccessful too. The focus is on Scotland and their victory in Malta. After [Read more]

S6E5 Toys in the Ear
By C Adey |

John is joined by Andy who returns after being on the first podcast of the season. It begins with news of both charity bets not coming in. As there is no league fixtures this week there are no predictions to be made. There is a fair bit of chat involving Celtic with their success in [Read more]

S6E4 Brazilian Breeding
By C Adey |

John is joined by Hamish to discuss the events of the last week in Scottish football. There is an early positive with the McBookie charity bets as we get our first win of the season. The podcast is recorded as Celtic play their crucial European qualifier. The guys discuss whether it is good or bad [Read more]

S6E3 Referee Indecision
By C Adey |

John and Hamish are on this week to discuss the previous week of action in Scotland. Once again, the charity bet treble sees two out of three win so just short. They decide to stick to trebles from now on but maybe we’d be better picking a double. A brief summary of League Cup action [Read more]

S6E2 The Scott Brown Show
By C Adey |

John hosts the podcast and has Director of Podcasting and owner of Scottish Football Forums, Craig as a guest to talk about how Rangers are ‘back’. Hamish makes it a trio on the podcast. As always, we discuss the fortunes of the charity bet from the weekend. Both of them failed with our FGS, Simon [Read more]

S6E1 Everyone Loves A Euro Trip
By K Kujawa |

It’s the first podcast of the season with John hosting and joined by Andy as guest. The discussion focuses on the efforts of our teams in Europe and leads in to a Premiership preview. There is brief chat on the League Cup so far. The guys are pleased that Aberdeen have progressed to meet Maribor [Read more]

Podcast charity bet total 2015/16
By C Adey |

For the fifth year in a row on the podcast, we continued in our attempts at generating money for charity via weekly football bets. For the past four seasons, McBookie have very kindly offered us the stakes for these bets. We get £10 to bet on any Scottish football single / multiple of our choice, [Read more]