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S12E5 Championship Covered

John is joined by Vinny and returning guest, Dundee fan Ethan as we take a deep dive in to the Championship and what to expect of this season. There are predictions around who will win the league, finish in promotion playoff positions, who will be relegated and who will finish elsewhere. We look at where [Read more]

S12E4 SWPL1 Season 22/23 Preview – Part Two

Sunday 7 August is a special day in the Scottish Football calendar as the 2022/23 SWPL1 season gets underway. The top division has now increased to 12 teams and we bring you two podcasts to preview the new campaign, featuring interviews with players and coaches of each of the twelve teams represented in the league. [Read more]

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Andy Goram tribute

ONE of the great debates of the mid-to-late nineties in Scottish Football was who should be the number one for the Men’s National Team – Jim Leighton or Andy Goram. Two of the finest goalkeepers of our generation battling it out to represent their country, we really were blessed. The debate particularly intensified ahead of [Read more]

That Was the Season That Was – 2021/22

Every season of football has its own story, and 2021/22 has been no different. First and foremost, it was the one where we got the fans back into the stadiums. If nothing else, that made it brilliant. 2020/21 was quite miserable in my view, and I don’t just mean that as a Celtic fan! I [Read more]

The Goodwillie Circus and How This Can Be Avoided Going Forward

JANUARY 30 2022, David Goodwillie was the captain of Clyde FC. He’d been at the club since March 2017 and went about his business quietly as he helped the club to promotion from League Two and consolidated their place in League One. That form attracted the interest of Championship side Raith Rovers, who signed him [Read more]

The Standard of Refereeing

A lot of chat this season in Scottish football has been on refereeing decisions. That’s not unusual in itself, refereeing decisions in Scottish football have been the subject of discussion since Scottish football’s inception. However, the latest discussions keep coming back round to the same conclusion: Scottish football needs VAR. But does it? Or is [Read more]

Time to Talk Day

Today is Time to Talk Day where we’re encouraged to talk about how we are feeling. Growing up as a teenager in the 90s I think that mental health issues were viewed as a bit of a taboo subject. We were maybe lucky enough to live in a time before social media where people can [Read more]

Is This a Golden Age for Scottish Football?

For too long doom and gloom surrounded the Scottish game. Our men’s national team couldn’t get anywhere near a major international tournament, our clubs struggled to make any sort of impact in Europe, we couldn’t produce elite talent and our clubs just treated supporters like customers instead of stakeholders. Yet things have started to change [Read more]

Wim the Tim

Last year, when Scotland were preparing to take part in Euro 2020 (yeah, last year was 2021, I will never be okay with that in my head) the podcast team put together a video to wish the team good luck. I’ll be honest, I was just going to do a quick good luck Scotland thing, [Read more]

Qatar World Cup

As we quickly tick into 2022, the Scotland play-off game with the Ukraine gets closer and so does the overall target of getting to the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar. However, whilst this is a great achievement, now seems like the right time to address the elephant in the room. Scotland is an amazing [Read more]

A Tribute to Walter Smith

Scottish football once again finds itself in mourning. The very sad news of Walter Smith’s passing broke this morning to a great deal of shock. Those closest to him knew this was coming, but it doesn’t make it any easier and even at an age of 73 it seems all too young these days. Obviously, [Read more]

It Israeli an Occasion to Saviour

FOOTBALL, BLOODY HELL! The famous words of Sir Alex Ferguson spring to mind after being through yet another rollercoaster ride with the Scotland Men’s National Team. In the seventh meeting inside three years against Israel, all was not rosy going into the half time break. Two-one down and Lyndon Dykes having his penalty on the [Read more]