Respect – My Posterior

At a time when there has been fresh talk of reaffirming the need for the respect campaign, the man with limited mental capacity decided to celebrate scoring a hattrick by swearing at the world through a television camera.

There is a possibilty that he could face punishment for his actions but as I post this on the day before the hearing I can not comment on the outcome. Suffice it to say that it would come as a pleasant surprise if it mounted to more than a slap on the wrist.

It is not surprising, however, that various commentators down south have leapt to his defence because he has said sorry in a statement containing words that he could not even understand, let alone write down. It is patently obvious that the action was prompted by a club mindful of preserving it’s reputation with a damage limitation exercise.

Some pundits, managers and fans have already preached the sermon of forgive and forget, citing the apology as proof of contrition.

The motivation for pundits is making sure of their media jobs as the fear of being honest about the situation might cost them dear but the fans are eager to preserve the status of one they see as a hero.

Since 1966 English fans have been desperate for a team or an individual to give them something to shout about as the world cup success and even winning the ashes are fast fading memories. The cricket team was touted as possible winners of the tounament won last Saturday by India, the best cricket team in the world. The rugby team also touted as grand slam winners of the latest six nations series were not just beaten , but absolutely humbled by Ireland.

The relatives of our white settlers are hurting and the thought of admitting that the big white hope for football glory is to be possibly seen as less than a hero is too much to contemplate even although he has been an abject failure at the last two world cup tournaments.

The lad is a good player but being overrated and overpaid has not helped his behavoural shortcomings and to let him off the hook now will not do him any favours.

He certainly needs help to get that massive chip off his shoulder but it is doubtful whether he appreciates the need and it is also doubtful if he can get this help at club level given his current managers understanding of the respect programme.

A Alexander

Football daft for as long as I can remember. Lifelong Liverpool fan and Socialist. Has actually stood on the Anfield pitch. Played the game, refereed it and reported on it. Best playing time was at under 18 level and enjoyed indoor 5 aside until injury forced me out at 52.


  • Posted by C Adey on April 4, 2011 at 4:19 pm

    I hear that Mr Rooney has been handed a two match ban for his foul language.

    He will probably appeal.

  • Posted by ?apester on April 9, 2011 at 12:44 am

    Well that’s a balanced unbiased view of the situation isn’t it.

    Wayne Rooney “swore” on camera . Oh my god this man is the anti-christ , get the pitch forks and torches theres work to be done .

    The word Rooney used is no longer thought of as a “bad word” everybody uses it every day . Apart from those stuffed shirted holier than thou Daily Mail/Independent readers who have nothing better to do than complain about everything and anything.

    Yes he’s overpaid , yes hes probably over rated but him swearing into a camera didn’t result in anybody dying .

    You say he released an apology filled with words he didn’t understand ( can you possibly be any more arrogant) yet you chastise him for using a word he does understand .

    You seem to forget, as is the norm these days that football is a working class game played by (mostly)working class players and viewed by (mostly) working class people . Rooney’s language is not offensive to the majority of people who actually follow football and those who do find it offensive are liable to be offended more often than not by the most trivial of things .

    Why you equate this situation to England not winning the ashes is at best curious and your comment about “great white hope” is TBH mental . As a proud Scot even i would think it the height of stupidity to claim that the English people/media have placed all their hopes of sporting triumph on the shoulders of Wayne Rooney . You are labeling a whole country as simple minded sheep when you think/say that .

  • Posted by A Alexander on May 31, 2011 at 8:06 pm

    hi ?apester,
    Sorry I missed your comment posted on April 9th and from your remarks you seemed to have missed the point of the debate.
    Didn’t Alex Ferguson say before the recent European cup final that the much more mature Rooney would win the cup for United and apart from taking the offside goal well he was seldom seen.
    By the way swearing is a sign of a shortage of vocabulary but some of the fans I see at matches behave like hooligans. They don’t add anything to the atmosphere and do the hard working working class a disservice.