David Weir turns 41

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Since Davie Weir joined Rangers in 2007, the media have often focussed on his age and seem to mention his “aching joints” in most articles written on him. I have personally grown tired of hearing about it, mainly because it is slightly disrespectful to focus on his age and not his achievements, but since he turns 41 on Tuesday, the 7th of May, I felt the need to jump on the band wagon and shamelessly discuss Davie Weir’s age.

Weir has captained Everton, Rangers and Scotland, and along the way has won a number of honours in his career, including two league titles, two Scottish Cups and three Scottish League cups, but for this article, I will focus on his achievements based on his age.

Upon joining Rangers, Davie Weir became the oldest debutant at the club, when he faced Dunfermline at the age of 36 years and 236 days. He went on to become Rangers oldest player, in the post war era.

On Tuesday, the 7th of December 2010, Weir equalled the record of oldest outfield player to have played in the Champions League. He shares this honour with AC Milan’s legendary defender Alessandro Costacurta, who also played at the age of 40 years and 211 days. Although it is not known whether he will continue on for another season, it is unlikely that he will achieve the oldest player record that is currently held by Lazio’s goalkeeper, Marco Ballotta who faced, in the Champions League, Real Madrid in 2007 at the age of 43 years and 252 days.

At international level, he became Scotland’s oldest ever player when he faced Lithuania in September 2010, in a European Championships qualifier.

Although playing at the top level of Scottish football at the ripe old age of 41 is impressive, Andy Millen deserves a mention when discussing older professionals, as he is still playing in the third division with Queens Park at 45. Eclipsing both of those is the legendary Stanley Mathews, who played in England’s top flight until he was 50 and even made an appearance for the maltese club, Hibernians, at 55.

Weir’s future is still undecided, with his contract running out this summer and no real indication on whether he will continue playing next season, whether at Rangers or elsewhere.

Although Walter Smith is handing over the reigns at Rangers to Ally Mccoist, he did have the following to say on Weir potentially playing on for another season.

“Will he play on for another year? You would need to ask him that. I kept thinking at the end of every year he couldn’t carry on, so he’s beat me for the last four years.

“He said if somebody’s silly enough to ask me he would do it, so I went to him and said: ‘So you think I’m silly’? and he said aye.

“Whether Ally is silly too, you’d need to ask him! But Davie will know himself when he’s ready to finish, he won’t need to ask advice from me or anyone else.”

Weir is playing his cards close to his chest regarding his future, with a coaching role at Everton being one option, and could only confirm the following.

“Like I have said for the last few years, I will just wait until the end of the season and make a decision then. I am enjoying what I am doing just now and take it day by day.”


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