Episode 15 – The St. Johnstone vacancy, and is celebrating a goal a crime?

Danny1888, joins us this week to bring a Celtic viewpoint to the podcast.

We take a look at last weeks Europa League tie between Rennes and Celtic and also the weekends SPL games.

Following on from Ryan Jack’s booking against Celtic, we discuss whether a player should be booked for approaching the crowd, or taking their shirt off, after scoring a goal.

We discuss the potential candidates for the recent managerial vacancy at St. Johnstone. The highlight of the discussion is Laurie mistakenly calling them St Mirren, not once, but three times!

We conclude the podcast by predicting the outcome of the league cup quarter finals and the weekends SPL games.

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C Adey

Owner of Scottish Football Forums. A fan of all forms of football, whether its being at the game, watching on TV, playing 7 a side, playing FIFA, playing Football Manager, or simply talking about it

One Comment

  • Posted by James 78 on October 26, 2011 at 3:52 am

    Football nowadays as we all know is BIG business. Its safe to say the majority of the fans are working class. As big Jock said, “football without the fans is nothing.” As usual, spot on big man. My point is we pay alot of our hard earned doe to follow our team around the world and we expect to see our stars perform in our colours. I never understood why Uefa or Fifa promoted rules such as bookings for over celebrating or worse for removing your top. I mean how the F**K does that merit a yellow card or worse a sending off if previously booked. Whats more frustrating is that someone picks up one of these silly bookings in a Tournament such as the World Cup then they can miss the next round which in some ridiculous cases can and has been the semi or final. I think in order to miss theses crucial matches you should have to be sent off for foul play in the previous round and not on some accumulitive nonsense.

    We as spectators of this multi Billion pound busines do not want to see the best players in the world sitting out these once in a life time games after spending our annual savings attending such Tournaments because the Vice Presidents of Uefa’s step daughter commented on how sexy Charlie Adam looked with his top off after scoring the winner in the European Cup Final against England and he decides to tweak the rules through jealousy cause he’s a fat B@S+@Rd.

    Power to the People…….

    ……let common sense prevail.