The problems of handling racism in football

Racism in football is not only confined to black players.

When I played in the army an opponent called me a Scottish B*****d, but there was no rushing to the referee or the officer in charge of our team to get the other lad in trouble officially.

A short time later at an opportune moment he felt the full weight of a well timed Scottish tackle and had to leave the field for an early bath.

It would be good to see the end of vicious abuse both to black players who have suffered long at the hands of the terrace loudmouths as well as opponents, but does anyone spare a thought for the most abused people on the pitch, i.e. the match official.

The FA have been looking for a player test case for a long time and Luis Suarez happens to be the unfortunate victim of the witch hunt.

King Kenny is totally convinced that justice has not been done because some facts seem to have been supressed to justify the so called independent panel’s decision.

Suarez’s testimony has been regarded as unreliable but that of a player who failed in an attempt to implicate a Chelsea groundsman in the same way has been accepted as reliable.

It must have been quite easy for the committee to confuse a foreign national with limited English vocabulary to make their case.

There has been a lot of band waggon jumping by several black ex players and if black players cry foul on the slightest pretext it will weaken any positive progress that has been made to date.

To return to the much maligned match officials, do we have to wait until the next Uriah Rennie assumes the role of referee before something is done to end the abuse of the man in the middle and what would the FA do to stop the even worse abuse to a black assistant referee should one come along?

Believe me the poor assistant, especially on the stand side really gets it.

Not easy problems to solve but one can be sure of relying on the FA to fight your corner if you are an England Internationalist.

A Alexander

Football daft for as long as I can remember. Lifelong Liverpool fan and Socialist. Has actually stood on the Anfield pitch. Played the game, refereed it and reported on it. Best playing time was at under 18 level and enjoyed indoor 5 aside until injury forced me out at 52.