Episode 33 – SPL Banter and Slovenia vs Scotland

Laurie is taking a sabbatical, so I am joined by Krys and Greig to discuss the past week in Scottish football.

The podcast starts with a review of the latest SPL games from last week, as well as the weekend.

The Paul Band Charity Bet got three results correct at the weekend, but unfortunately two were wrong, so there was no return. We mention the bet for next weekends games, with over £100 up for grabs if they all come up.

Scotland travel to Slovenia on Wednesday night, so we attempt to predict the result, although the predictions are not altogether serious. The game is live on http://primetimelive.co.uk/ for £4.99.

We conclude the podcast with a look ahead to the weekends SPL games and make our weekly predictions.

C Adey

Owner of Scottish Football Forums. A fan of all forms of football, whether its being at the game, watching on TV, playing 7 a side, playing FIFA, playing Football Manager, or simply talking about it