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Goalkeeper Jason Brown signed for Aberdeen in the July 2011, joining on a free transfer after being released by Blackburn. Despite starting the season as an understudy, he has since cemented his place in the starting eleven and has played an integral part in Aberdeen’s turn in fortunes  since the turn of the year.

What were your views on the standard of the SPL before joining Scotland?

Question from jaybee1978

Down in England a lot of people put it on equal par with league 1, but for me I was really nervous and didn’t know what to expect, but been pleasantly surprised.

Do you think Scottish football could survive without the old firm?

Question from jaybee1978

I think now it would be difficult because for many years now the Scottish FA have made it all about the old firm, regarding tv rights and big decisions with the league.

Are you in favour of league reconstruction and what format do you think should be used?

Question from jaybee1978

Yeah I think the split isn’t a good thing because if you know your not going to make the top six and your not going down your just floating there with nothing to play for, even if you have more points than sixth and fifth. You see in other leagues when it comes to the run in and top have to play bottom it makes it a lot more exciting because one is playing to stay in the league and the other one to win it. Also, I think there could be a playoff for Europe from second to fifth and that would give other teams more money and Europe instead of the same old.

What is your view of the standard of the football in Scotland outside of the old firm clubs?

Question from Perry Pie

I don’t think the standard is too bad because a lot of the teams try to play and do the right things.

Would a month break after Christmas make sense for the players?

Question from Perry Pie

Not really because even if you have the break and then it snows in mid January and February you’ll have a massive back log of games. Plus I love playing over the festive period.

As a goalkeeper what are your thoughts on goal line technology possibly being introduced?

Question from Bundy

Hawk eye most definately.

How did you first get involved in playing football and did you try other sports too?

Question from jaybee1978

Because all my mates played it and I just feel in love with it, I like loads of other sports but football was always my favourite.

When you were growing up did you always know you were going to be a goalie or did you try other positions too?

Question from FW

I use to be a defender up until I was 14. I use to just love diving about when I use to go over the park and the challenge of keeping the ball out of the net and I thought right let’s give this a go and here I am.

What advice would you give to any young goalkeepers playing the game?

Question from FW

I would say work hard, stay focused and never think you are to good to learn. Also remember that every keeper makes mistakes just the best ones make the less mistakes.

What are your thoughts on the international scene and how do you feel about your involvement in the Wales team?

Question from Sheeptastic

It’s always a proud moment to play for your country and with Wales theres a lot of talented young players coming through so I see it as some exciting times ahead. At the same time playing well club level is more important.

What are the best moments that you’ve had in your footballing career so far?

I wouldn’t say I have one. I’m a great believer that you should never have regrets and everything happens for a reason. Though stepping out at Hampden will be pretty special.

I have heard that Aberdeen are exceptional behind the scenes in helping players get settled in Aberdeen ie buying a house etc etc can you give us an insight into that?

Question from Sheeptastic

The club have been fantastic with helping me and my family to settle. Especially with my dad not being too well the gaffa has been really understanding and Steve Gunter as been a great help as well. A decent club I say.

Can you outline a normal week at the club prior to a Saturday 3pm kick off?

Question from Craig

For me Sunday is a pure relaxing day take my boy football and chill with the family,
Monday: yoga, train/ recovery (ice bath, massage)
Tuesday: yoga,train hard and gym
Wednesday: massage and reflect on the game from the weekend
Thursday: go over the game from weekend with Jim [Leighton], yoga, train, gym
Friday: yoga, train, as a group we go over the game
Saturday: game day!

What are your thoughts on the sheep references with opposing fans and of course the home fans, particularly given that you are Welsh?

Question from Sheeptastic

With being Welsh your always called a sheep sh… So it’s nothing really.

How does it feel in your first season to be involved in the semi finals of the Scottish Cup?

Question from jaybee1978

I think with the start we had and being bottom at Christmas we looked like we might get relegated but we’ve turned it around and hopefully we can finish with a flourish and give the fans something to be proud of. I personally think with one or two additions to the squad and a good start to next season we can hopefully finish higher and get this famous club back to where it should be.


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