S2E3 – Should division three players be considered for the national team

Posted on by C Adey

Greig takes a week off, so it’s me, John and Krys for this show.

Krys gives us his regular SPL run down and John talks us through his day at Pittodrie.

Ian Black has been called up to the Scotland squad, and it has led to many questioning whether a third division player should be considered for the national team. We give our thoughts on this subject.

McBookie have pledged to donate the £10 per week stake for the charity bet, in what can simply be described as a great gesture. Thank you.

Unfortunately we got three out of three wrong last week, my bad, so Krys takes on the role of bet selector.

There are two ends to this podcast as I totally forget about the predictions. That wasnt my only mistake, because I think I referred to STV as SPL, on more than one occasion.

Thanks for listening. Enjoy.

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