S2E17 Scotland, Leigh Griffiths and the SPL/SFL

Greig, Laurie and I cover last Wednesday’s Scotland friendly, and I have an admission to make about the game.

Krys isn’t on this show, because he was on a Euro trip to see Celtic face Benfica in the Champions League. This means that Laurie does the SPL roundup and it’s full of puns.

Laurie’s Tweetie Eye returns, but David Preece is nowhere to be seen (or is that heard?).

We choose the charity bet live, after yet another defeat.

Thank you to McBookie for donating the charity bet stake.

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  • Posted by James kirwan on March 12, 2013 at 1:18 am

    Re goal line tech why not just have the ground inside the goal mouth slope away towards back of goal say at an angle of 25 degrees then if an incident similar to Hibernians the ball will strike the ground inside goal and be forced to bounce to back of goal worth a try what do you think