Fernando Torres – A Wasted Talent.

Anyone who has any doubts about Torres’ ability as a top striker should log on to Youtube and watch the clip of his 81 goals for Liverpool.

Discerning Chelsea fans may also pick up on why the club owner became keen on bringing him to the club because as the montage shows he scored against Chelsea on a regular basis.

Most pundits agree that strikers depend on service and rely on their creative colleagues to spot the runs and make the pass at the right time.

Fernando’s unhappiness and loss of form at Liverpool can be readily linked to the departure of Alonso for Real Madrid because he was the one player who used Torres’ ability to best advantage. After he left the Liverpool players kept looking to Stevie G to produce the goals and good as Stevie is, he lacked the pace of Torres to break through defences. The Liverpool skipper quoted recently that Alonso is the best midfielder that he has ever played with which speaks volumes.

So why did he not shine at Chelsea and some blues fans are not going to like the answer. Fernando’s problem at the Bridge lay in the old guard of Drogba, Lampard and Anelka the long established fans favourites. Not that they are bad players, and that they are surely not, but they always looked for each other to pass to leaving Torres making wasted runs all through the match and unable to come by enough decent chances.

The advent of Mata has helped Torres but observers have said that he needs to train hard again to regain the pace he once had.

Some fans forget that he helped the club to win the Champions League even though it was the luckiest win since ManU beat Bayern Munich in Spain. Any of those who like me watched the game saw Bayern run out of luck in the dying minutes. First a mishit shot by Giggs found Sheringham  who took a swipe at the ball  to fortunately find the corner of the net before a  nothing ball into the box landed fortuitously at the feet of Olle the ace predator, from a Sheringham header, to nab the winner. Nothing wrong with the well taken winner but if the situation had been the other way around the United fans would have been talking about lucky Bayern.

To return to Torres who still has a lot to offer. As they say form is temporary but class is permanent so it is up to Chelsea whether they make the most of their asset.

Allan Alexander.

A Alexander

Football daft for as long as I can remember. Lifelong Liverpool fan and Socialist. Has actually stood on the Anfield pitch. Played the game, refereed it and reported on it. Best playing time was at under 18 level and enjoyed indoor 5 aside until injury forced me out at 52.


  • Posted by pandamonk on December 9, 2012 at 3:15 pm

    81 goals in 142 games. A decent record, but overall 175 goals in 425 with 53 assists. Still pretty good but not what I’d call a £50m centre forward.

  • Posted by A Alexander on December 9, 2012 at 9:14 pm

    Hi Pandamonk,
    Another guy that hides behind a non-de-plum. Torres never asked to have a huge price tag placed on his head, that is down to the over inflated transfer fees in current operation.
    Before Torres came to BRENGLAND he was playing in a fairly ordinary Atletico Madrid team. His goalgetting ratio vastly improved when he came to Liverpool and oddly enough went backwards when he went to Chelsea.
    Fortunately things look set to improve at the Bridge now and as I said before it all depends whether Chelsea make proper use of their asset.
    Thanks for your point, Allan MacDougall.