S2E34 League Cup final, Green Brigade and Kristine Lilly

Posted on by C Adey

Laurie makes his return to the podcast after a spell out, and he joins Krys and I.

Laurie was at the St Mirren vs Hearts final, and gives his account of the day. Krys and I were neutrals for this game, so enjoyed it a little more than Laurie.

Krys was at the Celtic fans march on Saturday and gives us his first hand account of what went on.

Laurie attempts an impersonation of Charles Green, although you wouldn’t have guessed who it was meant to be.

Kristine Lilly is mentioned for the first, and probably last, time on the podcast.

SPL, SFL, Scotland vs Wales and charity bet also feature.

Thank you to McBookie for donating the charity bet stake.

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