Value Bet Checker

I created Value Bet Checker to help find value, correct score bets, using historical betting data.

It takes over 1500 historical matches from the top leagues in Europe, from leagues such as The Barclays Premier League, The English Championship, La Liga, Ligue 1 and Bundesliga, and provides the probability of certain score lines occurring.

To match up the upcoming match against historical data, the focus is on the current odds of a home win.

To ensure that there are enough matches in the bank with the same home win odds, the model uses a range of odds that are plus and minus three ticks (based on Betfair’s ticks).

The probability of such a scoreline occurring is converted into decimal odds, which can be compared against the current odds available at sites such as Betfair, or Bet365 (download bet365 on Android).

If the model’s odds match those at the bookies, then there isn’t value there, whereas if you can find odds that are better at the bookies, then it could be a scoreline worth betting on.

The key is finding out the sweetspot where the greatest value, and hopefully profit, occurs.

The aim of the site is to give you the edge when betting on correct scores, whilst taking out the laborious process of manually checking historical betting data in doing so.

I welcome any comments you have on the site, as I am keen to make it as useful as possible.

If betting on correct scores occurring isn’t your thing, then provides the best both teams to score tips.

C Adey

Owner of Scottish Football Forums. A fan of all forms of football, whether its being at the game, watching on TV, playing 7 a side, playing FIFA, playing Football Manager, or simply talking about it