Best Mobile Apps for Scottish Football Fans

Mobile football apps are on the rise at the moment and they are becoming better and better with each passing day. This is because the demand for smart mobile applications is increasing and because people from every generation know how to access a mobile casino or bet online..

Scottish people are no different and it has been known for a long time that Scottish football fans enjoy following their favourite sport in all possible shapes and forms and currently there is a real craze for top quality mobile football applications.

However, even with such a great and varied offer of mobile apps there are still several apps that stand out from the competition. In this article we will try to take a closer look at the best mobile football apps for Scottish fans.

1. Paddy Power

All British people love a good laugh and Scottish people are the same. That’s why when they choose which football app to use they often opt for Paddy Power which for long now has been recognizable for its funny and inventive advertisements.

The Paddy Power Mobile App is one of the most generous apps towards newcomers who want to bet on football matches. Each new user of the app gets a £50 free bet which they can use however they like.

paddy power

Another thing which is very appealing to football fans on the go is Paddy Power’s live streaming feature which offers fans and punters the chance to follow every football match being played at every moment in the day live.

So if you want to follow the Scottish Football League without missing any of the action while also getting a free bet and a chance to get your money back, then the Paddy Power’s Mobile App is the app that you need.

2. William Hill

William Hill’s mobile app is another high ranking football app among Scottish football fans as it is both easy to use, offers great bonuses and options and provides a comprehensive coverage of all things related to football.

This app also offers its users a free bet of up to £25 which even though is not as high as Paddy Power’s free bet, it still represents a good value for smart punters who know how to best make use of these options.

3. Skybet

Whenever a person thinks of a professional coverage of football events the name Sky Sports comes to mind. That’s why when Sky decided to create their own mobile app such as Skybet they went the extra mile and put all their energy, knowledge and resources into the now world renown football betting app.

One of the best things that might appeal to the more neat among Scottish football fans is how the creators have organized the features in this app. Skybet’s user interface is one of the best in the business and should be a reason enough for all Scottish fans to check it out.

4. Ladbrokes

The last mobile app on our list is the superbly designed Ladbrokes app. It is compatible with all platforms and devices and it has a complete and comprehensive coverage of all the Scottish football leagues, including the smallest ones. This is to be expected as Ladbrokes the biggest sponsor of the Scottish Football League in history.


For Scottish punters who are well known for their impatient and thrifty nature, the Cash Out option, which allows them to collect their money before the end of the 90 minutes, might just be the perfect feature.

S Douglas

Football writer amongst other things.