Barton the Barista

The long, and frankly boring, Joey Barton saga plods on for yet another week. Well, it was boring until it turns out that he has his eye on a wee sideline. From the Mirror

A source said: “A few weeks before his bust up with the manager Joey bought a coffee machine and had it put into the first team dining room. It was a gesture of good will.

“But after all the humiliation he was put through on Thursday he decided to take it back. It was clear at that moment that he would not be returning. The next day he was signed off with stress and he’s not been seen at the training ground since.”

Much like Ian Black’s painting and decorating gig a few years back, Barton fancies topping up his alleged £20k per week with some work down the local Costa. You can’t just turn up at such a place and expect to pour a flat white, so of course he is going to get some practice in.

C Adey

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