Soccer Betting Apps Are Evolving Fast

As mobile technology progresses at breakneck speed, bookmakers are constantly looking for new ways to improve their apps. This has had a significant impact on soccer betting apps, which have evolved across iOS, Android and other mobile devices into much more than just a betting destination. Today, these apps incorporate live streaming of matches, comprehensive statistics, news feeds and peer-to-peer wagering options, among other features, to give mobile bettors unprecedented variety and value.


UK mobile bookmakers such as Bet365 and Paddy Power are a perfect example. Their apps have revolutionised the way bettors consume soccer by offering them a unique opportunity to watch and bet simultaneously. Among the tens of thousands live sporting events these bookmakers showcase via mobile apps or web browsers is a comprehensive offering of live soccer action from leagues and competitions around the world. This includes the likes of the Europa League, Bundesliga, Serie A and La Liga, as well as a host of leagues and matches from outside of Europe.


It doesn’t stop with the ability to watch and bet, either. Numerous sportsbooks offer an array of statistics, live scores and match information that helps users make informed betting decisions. Where a stream of a particular match is not available, betting apps provide live updates of key occurrences, including information on how much possession a particular team has or how many corners it has taken. Bettors can even receive push notifications about the latest results or upcoming fixtures. All of this information can now be consumed with a tap of the wrist, as UK mobile bookmakers such as William Hill and Ladbrokes now offer their mobile apps on smartwatches like the Apple Watch. And for even further convenience, when bettors wish to take the labour out of researching wagers they can consult a host of soccer tipping mobile apps that do the ground work for them.


Peer-to-peer mobile betting apps have also changed the face of soccer wagering, turning it into a more social experience that takes the bookmaker out of the equation. Bait is one example of a mobile betting app that lets bettors challenge their friends on the outcome of specific matches. Utilizing lines and totals sourced from official Las Vegas sportsbooks, users can bet on anything from an English Premier League match to a fixture from the Polish top flight. Stakes are determined between friends, who can also engage with each other through an in-app chat feature. GoodBookey, another peer-to-peer betting platform, has even introduced the concept of ‘charitable gaming’ into soccer gambling, whereby bettors that lose an MLS wager can allocate the stake to the winner’s charity of choice.


Soccer betting apps have clearly evolved beyond simply providing a platform on which wagers can be placed. They now resemble a hub of information and a source of entertainment that can be enjoyed on anything from an iPhone and Samsung Galaxy to an Apple Watch. All of this combines for a more informed and engaged wagering experience, one that allows bettors to watch live matches, dig deeper for crucial insights and even socialise with friends.

C Adey

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