Why a manager isn’t the only thing Rangers should change

FRIDAY nights events at Ibrox will go down as one of the biggest PR disasters in the history of Rangers Football Club.

At around 9pm, they publically announced that they accepted the resignations of Manager Mark Warburton, his number two David Weir and Head of Recruitment Frank McParland, only for Warburton to declare 40 minutes later that this wasn’t the case, causing a state of confusion in Govan and beyond!

With the Englishman now taking legal advice, it could be some time before the truth is established as to how his 20 month period came to an abrupt end, with rumours circulating that the trio offered their resignation earlier in the week in anticipation to go to another club, only for that to be retracted when the move fell through but Dave King and the Rangers board withholding the original resignation.

What is in no doubt, however, is that the issue has been handled abysmally by the club, and is the latest in a long line of PR disasters for the club stretching back to last seasons Scottish Cup Final.

Mark Warburton’s exit from Ibrox is not a surprise. The inconsistent performances (especially in big games), being 27 points behind Celtic, the obvious frailties in their defence and the recruitment have been met noises of discontent from the Rangers fans, rightly wondering if the ex Brentford manager was out of his depth when the pressure was on.

However, the timing of it was the biggest surprise and questions have to be asked of King and his colleagues.

If Warburton’s agent offered the resignations of the trio earlier in the week and waive compensation rights to join another club (believed to be Nottingham Forest), why did it take them until well after the manager gave his post-match press conference? Also, why make the decision 42 hours before a massive Cup game in the only competition, realistically, that Rangers can win?

Given that Warburton denies offering his resignation, it gives the impression that he was not told by his now former employers that his Rangers tenure was over, therefore the idea of releasing the statement on the clubs website without making the manager aware is even more baffling from a legal point of view, though it must be noted that we don’t know at this stage if Warburton is bluffing to strengthen his case for unfair dismissal.

If the trio did offer their resignation with their rights to compensation being waived, it certainly gave the Rangers board the excuse they needed to get rid of Warburton without paying him off. Things have not been right between the board and the management team for some time, given the fact they are not clear in second with the budget they have compared to their rivals and the recruitment in the summer was a complete disaster.

It was expected that King would fire Warburton at the end of the season, but the fact it’s happened on the weekend of a tough Cup tie with Morton, which they struggled to a 2-1 win, that gives the element of surprise to the story, especially after allowing Warburton to go ahead with a prematch press conference that they knew he wouldn’t be in charge of.

As Dave King looks for Warburton’s successor as Rangers manager, he should also consider who runs the Public Relations at Ibrox given the shambles being put out by Level5PR, headed by their former Director of Communications Jim Traynor.

From the post-Scottish Cup Final statement randomly targeting Tom English and Nicola Sturgeon, through the handling of Joey Barton, the Sports Direct saga and the general “blame everyone else but ourselves” attitude, Level5PR have handled Rangers PR abysmally and made them a complete laughing stock to the outside world and Fridays circus emphasises that. The contract of Traynor’s firm should be put through the shredder along with Warburton, Weir’s and McParland’s.

The immediate priority now is to get Rangers a new manager, with the likelihood of someone with previous club connections being appointed at least on an interim basis to steady the ship.

Bookmakers around the land will be coining in the cash from those putting their bets on the next Rangers manager, and you can be a winner too by going to an online casino.

Whoever comes in will have to work hard with a squad left by Warburton, drilled on a Plan A with no alternative, and motivate them to ensure they secure second above Aberdeen and Hearts before they even can start building a team capable of reducing an ever widening gap on Celtic.

Dave King needs stability on the pitch and sort out the shambles off it if he is to win over a demanding who are unconvinced by the way their club is being run, perfectly understandable for a set of fans who’ve seen many an owner run their club into disarray.

J Bleasdale

I am a football fan with a passion for writing, briefly studied journalism before other priorities got in the way. Enjoy blogging as its my way of expressing my thoughts on Scottish Football. Even though I'm an Aberdeen fan primarily, I'm happy to express my impartial views on other clubs.


  • Posted by TicToc on February 13, 2017 at 9:04 pm

    Rainjurz should never have been allowed back into the Championship never mind the Premier.They are nothing more than a shameful stain on our Beautiful Game.It just shows the Muppets over at Hampden for what they truly are,Shameless Brassnecked Lowlifes.What a shambles and a laughing stock this New Club Truly Are.Sevco 5088 come in your times Well Up.

  • Posted by joe mccormack on February 13, 2017 at 11:34 pm

    Good to see someone critical of the Level 5 PR machine that since Kingco have taken control have blamed everyone else for the club’s travails.
    The Scottish papers have been full of rubbish on a daily basis, starting with The Going For 55 to promote season ticket sales.
    Warburton was presented as a magician with Rangers playing Barcelona type football, if only, mostly against teams in the lower leagues.
    The recruitment of an entire new team of players was hailed as great management by Warburton and his backroom team.
    With the gap come season end likely to be around 40 points the Scottish media have been made to look the idiots that they are in truth.
    They have backed the wrong horse in a two horse race and are having to suck it up.
    As a result Warburton is now being portrayed as the worst manager ever, a traitor, and a money grabber.
    When he gets the clowns that run RFC in court or before an industrial tribunal lots of dirt will hit the fan which will underpin the shambles at Ibrox.
    If the Ibrox 3 win compensation that on it’s own could throw the club into another administration scenario.
    Other court cases are scheduled, notably with Sports Direct which could result in another bill of around £5m, £4.9m of which the club doesn’t have.
    No bank will touch them, no Nomad will go near them with a convicted criminal in King calling the shots.
    No share issue will be possible till all the court cases have run their course.
    The Supreme Court ruling on BDO ‘ S final appeal is due shortly, there is little chance of the appeal succeeding, the DOS/EBT tax scheme will be deemed illegal which means that for 12 years Rangers Oldco cheated every other team in Scotland by attracting players who they otherwise would have been unable to afford.
    The SFA have failed so far to strip the titles and trophies won during the years that the tax scams were running despite the fact that the details were not lodged with their contracts at the SFA, breaking SFA rules. The side letters issued to most of the recipient’s were also hidden from HMRC who have now issued demand notices to all those who benefitted.
    The former President of the SFA was himself in the tax scam scheme and trousered £96k, a fraction of what some of the players and management received.
    With interest and penalties someone who received say £1m will be looking at a tax demand of £2m plus……..Karma indeed.

  • Posted by TicToc on February 15, 2017 at 7:55 pm

    What goes around comes around,Joe.Every single thing you stated is bang on,The Keek is going to hit the Fan,Literally.The thing i find amusing is bcoz im not a Sevconite,Therefore i must be a Hater.The sooner all this goes through the Legal channels the better.The sooner this Brand New Club can move on with its 5 Years of history INTACT!!!

  • Posted by John on February 17, 2017 at 11:27 pm

    Celtic had the successful “sack the board” campaign, Rangers must start a “sack level5” campaign !

  • Posted by TicToc on February 19, 2017 at 7:15 pm

    Dundee that great wee Club fae Tayside put Sevco in its place Today.This is a whole new Club that caters to the Deluded over iBrokes Way.Exact same board as Oldco and some more corruptables over at the SFA via Oldco Board Room.We need to weed out all the Rotten Wood.Any Masonic BS needs OUTED!!!That goes for Refs aswell.