Celt-exit: It’s time for Celtic to join the Premier League

Posted on by H Bold

Celtic Kick Off

Amidst all the talks of political breakaways; a Brexit here, a Scottish independence referendum there, the topic of how well Celtic – and up until recently, Rangers – would fare in the Premier League has always been met with a passionate response from supporters.

The very mention of Celtic in the EPL can rouse the most armchair of supporter into discussion and for many years it was genuinely considered, especially in the heady days of Henrik Larsson and co, that the Hoops would be more than able to hold their own.

Whilst a modern-day Premier League would certainly be a tough cookie to crack, given the sheer size and passionate fan base of the club, plans to move Celtic over to the English Premier League are certainly worth discussing.

And should Celtic make that hop, skip and a jump over Hadrian’s wall to the EPL, what would the long lasting implications be? Let’s take a look.

A Better Premiership

From a homegrown perspective, should Celtic bid adieu to the Premiership in the not-too-distant future, it could galvanise a league which saw any remnants of competitiveness beaten out of it years ago. 

At the time of writing, Celtic aren’t even priced-up to win the SPL according to the scottish football betting, which is more than indicative of how one-sided a competition it has become.

Seeing the likes of Aberdeen or Hearts finally lift a cup can only be good for the game, and would go a long way to appeasing those fans who are aghast with how boring Scottish football has become.

Better Players

Whether they like it or not, there’s no doubting that the size of Scotland’s first tier and the postcode that its players reside in is holding Celtic back.

The glitz and glamour of London living will always hold more sway with football’s foreign imports, and to attract the biggest names, it’s a sad fact that you have to be where the action is.

But for clubs without a posh SW4 postcode, playing in the world’s best marketed league (and a bank balance with plenty of 0’s at the end of it) will usually suffice in bringing over the Sergio Agueros and Luis Suarezs of this world.

Whilst players with the calibre of Aguero and Suarez may still be off-limits for a little while yet, the sentiment still rings true.

A place in Europe’s top league would no doubt increase the size of Celtic’s bargaining chip when going after some of football’s most exciting names, and that can only be a good thing.

More Money

There’s no doubting that financially, Celtic would be better off, too.

If the club were to be granted Premier League status, revenue streams they never knew existed would open up. From a global viewpoint, the Bhoys would get exposure to emerging markets that just wouldn’t have been possible before.

China, for example, a county with a population that surpasses the one billion mark, follows English club football religiously. And now with Celtic in the mixer, they themselves would get to have a slice of that Chinese money pie.



Hoops in the Premier League? Should a referendum for such a topic come about, as a Celtic fan I’d be voting to leave vehemently. 

Unlike Brexit, which was a political minefield for the layman voter, in the case of Celtic’s inclusion in the Premier League, this one should be a no-brainer.

More money, better players and a chance to beat Arsene Wenger in his final year at Arsenal? What’s not to love?

Given the choice, how would you vote should Celtic be given the chance to leave the SPL? Let us know in the comments section below.