Scotland’s Oldest Football Clubs

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Although it is a big part of the United Kingdom, Scotland is even more recognizable for its uniqueness. One of the country’s most important traits is precisely its football history. The Scottish regard their national league with pride, as it is the oldest one in the world. Hence, it’s no surprise that they are rich with clubs as old as the game is.

Queen’s Park FC (1867)

Back on July 9th, 1867, the first ‘amateur’ football club had been born in Scotland, under the name Queen’s Park. This team makes use of the Scottish national stadium, Hampden, which it has considered as its own since the 19th century.

What’s interesting about this club in particular is the fact that they have never received a single dime for all the games they played. Since its foundations, they have honored the saying “Ludere cause Ludendi”, which translates into “Play for the sake of playing.” Due to their pro-bono work, or maybe just because of their strength, the Spiders, as they are known, have fallen to the Second Division.

Kilmarnock FC (1869)

Speaking of a truly professional Scottish football club, two years after the ‘amateurish’ Queen’s Park, the club Kilmarnock had been born. At the time, its creators have been a group of cricket players who were looking for entertainment during the off-season.

As the first national team, it needed its own stadium, which these founders named Rugby Park, as they enjoyed rugby even more than Kilmarnock. At the onset of war, nonetheless, they immediately surrendered the stadium to the government because they required it as a fuel depot.

Stranraer FC (1870)

In a funny wordplay stating that the team had won “more wooden spoons than Delia Smith”, Stranraer’s website informs us of its fluctuating past, looking for the perfect conditions to play. They even spent nearly 40 years looking for a stadium.

Ever since Stair Park became their home in 1907, Stranraer FC witnessed their victories in the Scottish Challenge Cup (1996) and the Scottish Second Division during the seasons of 1993/94 and 1997/98. Considering these are duly noted as the club’s greatest wins throughout their existence, there’s no point spending a Bet365 bonus, let alone a hard-earned dime on this old club.

Dumbarton FC & Rangers FC (1872)

The first Scottish team founded in the distant 1872, Dumbarton, has seen little success since its early 19th century endeavors, when they won the Scottish Football title. Nevertheless, the last time it had played a match which was a part of the First Division had been in 1985, which means this team is still a far cry from the modern format of the Scottish Premiership.

On the contrary, speaking about the Rangers, the only thing they have in common with Dumbarton is the actual year of founding. After all, the Rangers are a known Top tier football club which has won 54 first tier titles in Scotland and beyond. Admittedly, the Rangers suffered practical bankruptcy in 2012, which forced them to climb their way back up from the Third to the First Scottish league Division, with several controversies along the way.