Kitted out! The best and worst of Scotland kits.

SCOTLAND release their bi-annual home and away kits tomorrow.

There have been some classics over the years, from the plain Italia 90 kit to the unusual blue with gold trimmed Euro 2008 Qualifying outfit, from mellow yellow of 1985/86 to the white with blue saltire remembered in Paris 2007. Then there’s been the controversial, stretching from the Umbro paint splashes in 1991 through the salmon in 1999 through to the white sleeves on last campaigns home kit, forcing us to wear pink at Wembley.

So what’s your favourite Scotland kit over the years? What was the worst one? Do you remember your first Scotland kit?

The Scottish Football Forums podcast team gave their views, with varying results.

John B – The Host

First home and away kits were the ones we wore in 1986. Looks like the new home one may be a take on that.

Favourite home top is one from 2006/07 and away one is from 1989/1991. Quite liked the one from 2014/15 too. 

Worst home top is one from 1995/96 and away one is from 1999/2000.


Craig – Director of Podcasting

First: I didn’t grow up getting many football kits at all due to the cost of them, but I do remember having  the 1991 away kit, which is probably the first Scotland kit I owned. I remember swapping it for a German kit from my mate for a few weeks. If I remember correctly, it wasn’t even the classic white German home top, it was a green colour. It wasn’t until 2010 when I got my first home kit with my own money.

Favourite: I like classic kits and I think the 2014 home really hit the spot. I like clean, simple kits and the 2012 away kit is exactly that. I also love Adidas gear, and both tick those boxes

Worst: The worst home kit is either the 1881 or 2002 home and the 1994/96 away. The away kit actually brings back happy memories of my youth, but it just looks so dated. I suppose I could say the same about the 1991 one too, but I can’t pick.


Krys – The Hoopy Bhoy

First kits: My first Scotland kit was actually my first football kit of any kind! Italia ’90, had it until I grew out of it as I loved it. I don’t really remember having many Scotland away kits in my time. I think the first might have been the white Diadora one from their first go at Scotland kits in 2003. 


Favourites: Favourite home was the Euro 96 tartan effort. Done right, tartan in the Scotland kit is a brilliant idea. I’d say my favourite away kit though goes back to Italia 90 – I know we wore it against Costa Rica, but those thin yellow… lets call them hoops, were cracking.

Worst kits: The outgoing home one now would have worked had it not been for the stupid white sleeves! Such a shame. That annoys me so much I’d be inclined to say it was the worst, if not for that stupid pinstripe effort we had in the early 2000s! The worst would have to be that one a couple of years ago that was white with thick yellow and pink-but-was-supposedly-red… ach lets call them hoops again. I’d take pink or paint factory explosion over that any day!

Hamish – The Gaffer

First kit: 1986 World Cup Finals top. Have never had an away kit.

Best kits: 1980’s one with Umbro logos down the arms. I like the yellow 85 strip with yellow strip on the shorts.

Worst kits: Euro 96 home kit I hated. Away 1991 white with purple shorts.

John B – The Blogger

First kits: The Mexico ’86 home kit and the ’91 away.

Favourite kits: Was really fond of the Italia 90 kit but, for sentimental reasons, the France ’98 tip wins it for me. That World Cup was my favourite period as a Scotland fan. Away kit was more difficult to choose from, there haven’t been many good ones in my opinion. Opted for the 2011/12 one, very smart Adidas effort.

Worst kits: My choices come from the Fila and Diadora era, where there were some real humdingers in different ways. The home top of 2005 with that tight fit and awful collar and the 2002/03 away in an awful shade of yellow that was also far too bland. Just beats the zoom bar effort of 2014.

J Bleasdale

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