What makes up the perfect football accumulator?

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Betting on football might be one of the UK’s most enjoyable hobbies but it’s not quite so easy for those who are trying to get into it with a distinctly limited knowledge. Having no experience in football betting will obviously make partaking extremely difficult but there are some surprisingly simple tips that should be enough to get you started.

There aren’t too many places that provide easy ‘how to’ guides on getting started with building a strong football accumulator. Luckily, sites like Footy Accumulators put in the effort to offer help for the gambling novice, as well as football accumulator tips, previews, recommended bets, and the best odds from the country’s best bookmakers.

Check out our own hints and tips over how to build a strong football accumulator:

A balanced mix of odds

By going for all of the short prices, you will get what looks like a reliable accumulator, but the bookies’ odds don’t hold any certainty over the final result.

Rather than simply going for all of the favourites throughout the day, it’s best to check the form and all other information that affects your bet, even which players are likely to start and who might be missing. Don’t merely back short odds but don’t back massive odds exclusively either; a healthy mix is always the right way to go.

Selections you believe in

Although it would be wrong to imply that going off your own predictions without any research would be the right way to go, it tends to be that if you back someone else’s bet rather than one you believed in yourself, you’re jinxing what could have been a winner.

Looking at examples of bets taken from the same gameweek makes sense, especially with sites like FootyAccumulators, who regularly provide their own football accumulator tips. In short, if you don’t believe in the bet you’re backing, the enjoyment has gone and it’s no longer worth doing it.

A variety of leagues

Sticking to what you know is the philosophy for some punters, but it seems like a lost opportunity when you’re closing your eyes to all other football leagues.

We aren’t saying that you should include a selection from every league throughout Europe but backing some of the worthwhile results from some of the best leagues in Europe can bolster an already promising acca.

Nothing too risky

It will always be tempting to add in that extra selection with odds well over evens but there’s a reason why it boosts your odds so significantly: it’s likely to destroy your bet.

The statistics and form sometimes even back up your claim that an outside selection will be a winner, and we’re not saying it’s got no chance of winning whatsoever, but it always tends to be that one step too far that ruins what would have been a winning acca.

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