James Tavernier’s Leadership Qualities have Been Tarnished as Gary Caldwell Raises Questions

The Ibrox defender looks to have been criticised because of his role in the Ranger’s Betfred Final. The team lost and Caldwell hasn’t held back this time. Gary Caldwell has dismissed James Tavernier’s qualities as a leader, and he has also insisted that the Ranger’s star isn’t actually suited to being a captain. Patrick Thistle, who has been sacked was the boss for Wigan when Tavernier was granted leave. This gave him the chance to join the Rangers and he has also come out to admit that he was in fact a big fan of him as a player. The Celtic’s defender has insisted that he had the wrong mentality however and this is really going against him and the team.

Do The Rangers have What It Takes?

If you are a Rangers fan then you will know how important it is to give them credit when it’s due. They have tried hard this season, but that being said, they are being let down by their captain. If you are a fan of football, then you’ll be glad to know that you can play some football-themed slots at the NetBet UK casino. Of course, Tavernier’s captain credentials have been criticised since he was given the job. Caldwell believes that he has shown no captain qualities during his time at Wigan and for this reason, isn’t fit to be called a leader.

BBC Sportssound and The Future of the Team

When he was asked what he thought at the BBC SportsSound, he came out and said that he didn’t think so. He let him, Martyn Waghorn and Rob Kiernan all go for a number of different reasons but all at the same time. Financially it made sense for the team as it gave them the chance to bring in other players but not everyone is as confident in the move. Tavernier’s captain credentials have come under the magnifying glass ever since he was given the job by Steven Gerrard. Things were then intensified even more when Alfredo Morelos hit a penalty that happened to defeat Celtic in the Sunday Final at Betfred. Caldwell thinks that he hasn’t really come far and that he was never fit to lead. Of course, this is a fair amount of controversy but at the end of the day, in the game of football, sometimes there is friction. Often it leads to positive moves being made within the organisation but so far things are pretty up in the air.

Of course, there seems to be a bit of a bitter situation going on right now but that being said, there is no telling what the future holds. More changes need to happen but there seems to be a disagreement about what and when. The team are certainly in need of a leader but if things keep carrying on as they are, this could have an impact on the player’s performance and this isn’t good for anyone.