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Managerial delay Kills off Killie’s European Adventure
By J Bleasdale |

EIGHTEEN years of waiting for European Football at Rugby Park, obliterated after 180 minutes against part timers from Wales! This is not what Kilmarnock fans expected after 19 months of hard work under Steve Clarke, who took them from a relegation battle to third place last season before taking the Scotland job. It took four [Read more]

S9E2 The Ten O’Clock News
By K Kujawa |

It’s episode two and this time Good John is unavailable. John returns and is joined by Krys. The season may have just started again but there has been plenty of football player already. We had our European contingent starting off last Tuesday with all four teams winning their first leg which was pleasing. The teams [Read more]

S9E1 Back Onside with Aaron Connolly
By K Kujawa |

It’s our ninth season in a row as the Podcast team return for another campaign – just four weeks after the last podcast of season eight! We are one John down but John B and Krys are joined by special guest Aaron Connolly of Fauldhouse United. The guys start by summarising the cruel ending to [Read more]

How Aaron is getting Back Onside with Mental Health
By J Bleasdale |

DRESSING rooms are often the closest places in football, where the bond between players is often formed and the banter flows. Whether it’d be practical jokes or letting the manager vent his anger at poor performances, it is the place where the players come together. It can also be a lonely place. Personal problems are [Read more]

Will Kieran Tierney join Arsenal this summer or not?
By S Woods |

Celtic FC has added onto their whopping total of 50 Scottish League Championship wins most recently in 2018–19, which was their eighth consecutive championship. They have now won the Scottish Cup 39 times and the Scottish League Cup 18 times and managed to emerge victorious especially in the long-standing fierce rivalry they have with Rangers. After [Read more]

For You Shelley The VAR Is Over
By K Kujawa |

I’ll be honest, until recently I’d never really watched women’s football with any degree of real interest or enthusiasm. For several years I’d made up my mind that the quality was okay but nothing I would rush to watch, particularly due to the fact that goalkeepers were dreadful. But if there’s one thing I’ve learned [Read more]

S8E47 Beautiful Flower
By K Kujawa |

It’s the final podcast of a long season which means it’s a long one. The good thing is it’s the regular trio of the two John’s and Krys that are on. There is some more treble chat but thankfully it’s not about Celtic. Auchinleck Talbot secured a treble of their own so that gets a [Read more]

Cyprus done, the small matter of Belgium next
By J Bleasdale |

WHEN Scotland games come around, they should come with a health warning! No matter how many times they put us through the mill, they find a new way to toy with our emotions, and Saturday’s crucial Euro 2020 qualifier against Cyprus. As it looked as though they were going to have a draw snatched from [Read more]

Scotland – Women’s World Cup Preview
By J Bleasdale |

WITH the domestic season over, attentions turn to the International scene this week as Steve Clarke takes charge of his first two matches as Scotland Manager against Cyprus and Belgium. However, the crucial Euro 2020 double header is likely to be overshadowed by their female counterparts, who are taking part in their first ever World [Read more]

S8E46 Daleks on the Wireless
By K Kujawa |

It’s the usual Trio on the Podcast this week, and it’s trebles that take up most of the theme for this week – but that’s not where we start. The Scotland Women’s National Team played their final World Cup warm up game against Jamaica at Hampden and came through an entertaining game with a 3-2 [Read more]