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Ta Ta Wayne?
By A Alexander |

According to media reports Wayne Rooney is both angry and confused at his current treatment at the hands of Manchester United. Given that he was born confused the only piece of news concerns his feeling of anger or should that be frustration at failing to get his own way. Fans will recall the first time [Read more]

It is about time referees promptly punish the first offence
By A Alexander |

Luis Suarez is in trouble again and judging by the now expected over the top reactions from the English media you could be excused for believing that he had committed a serious crime. He shouldn’t have done it of course and no doubt the southern branch of the Ku Klux Klan aka the FA will [Read more]

Fernando Torres – A Wasted Talent.
By A Alexander |

Anyone who has any doubts about Torres’ ability as a top striker should log on to Youtube and watch the clip of his 81 goals for Liverpool. Discerning Chelsea fans may also pick up on why the club owner became keen on bringing him to the club because as the montage shows he scored against [Read more]

Fouls plus blethering commentators and pundits
By A Alexander |

I watched the Chelsea Man U game on Sunday and as a neutral believe that Chelsea were robbed as the winning goal should have been disallowed for a clear offside. Another injustice was the red card given to Torres for alleged simulation, or to give it it’s popular name, diving. As a player who could [Read more]

Terry, the FA and Chelsea.
By A Alexander |

Hats off to Chelsea but not the FA even though it did fine JT and give him a four match ban. Unlike the sympathetic magistrate who dismissed the case against Terry Chelsea’s actions have more or less confirmed that Terry had a case to answer. The fans understandably want to stand by their skipper and [Read more]

Has the FA backed itself into a corner?
By A Alexander |

The FA has rightly charged John Terry over the racist incident involving Anton Ferdinand, after the former England captain had been cleared following a similar action against him by the police. It would appear that there was insufficient proof beyond reasonable doubt that Terry had made the racist comments even although some other players supported [Read more]

Rough & Tough: Scottish 5 a Side to SPL
By Guest Writer |

Let’s be honest, Scotland currently has a reputation for, shall we say, ‘agricultural’ football. Tactics like playing nobody up front against the Czech Republic in a Euro 2012 qualifying match don’t help the ‘rough and tough’ defensive image, even if Spain subsequently showed 4-6-0 can be an effective attacking formation. But in truth Scotland simply [Read more]

Scratching Below The Surface
By P Band |

Dundee United have led the way in recent years, having a reputation of pulling good players from the depths of Scottish football. Danny Swanson, Morgaro Gomis, Barry Douglas, Craig Conway and new arrivals Mark Millar & Michael Gardyne have all been plucked from the lower leagues in Scotland. Now Dundee United are an established top [Read more]

Did Kenny get a fair deal?
By A Alexander |

Given that Brendan Rodgers has been given a three year deal, apparently without the requirement to reach the top four in his first season, the answer to the question must be no. If the club owners decision to sack him was not down to the lack of a top four finish there must have been [Read more]

Poison chalices
By A Alexander |

There are no doubt many instances of this throughout the world of football, none more so than the following examples close to home. In Scotland old firm fans of either persuasion expect instant success as regards title winning or the manager gets the blame. And the worst thing that can happen to a new manager [Read more]