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Scratching Below The Surface
By P Band |

Dundee United have led the way in recent years, having a reputation of pulling good players from the depths of Scottish football. Danny Swanson, Morgaro Gomis, Barry Douglas, Craig Conway and new arrivals Mark Millar & Michael Gardyne have all been plucked from the lower leagues in Scotland. Now Dundee United are an established top [Read more]

Did Kenny get a fair deal?
By A Alexander |

Given that Brendan Rodgers has been given a three year deal, apparently without the requirement to reach the top four in his first season, the answer to the question must be no. If the club owners decision to sack him was not down to the lack of a top four finish there must have been [Read more]

Poison chalices
By A Alexander |

There are no doubt many instances of this throughout the world of football, none more so than the following examples close to home. In Scotland old firm fans of either persuasion expect instant success as regards title winning or the manager gets the blame. And the worst thing that can happen to a new manager [Read more]

Leave our Kenny alone
By A Alexander |

There are several southern diddies posing as football writers and the headline which prompted this response came after Liverpool’s win against Blackburn. The quote read “Late Carroll goal spares Dalglish’s blushes” which looks like the usual ploy to create a headline as opposed to an accurate observation. If Carroll’s goal spared anyone’s blushes they were [Read more]

Scottish Football – a time for change?
By Guest Writer |

Dear Scottish Premier League, Scottish Football League and Scottish Football Association, The national side is doing alright, right? While I’m sure Craig Levein wouldn’t mind a bigger crop of young talent coming through. Or perhaps a squad quality like England or Spain’s. Does anyone have any real issues with the national set up and progress at [Read more]

The problems of handling racism in football
By A Alexander |

Racism in football is not only confined to black players. When I played in the army an opponent called me a Scottish B*****d, but there was no rushing to the referee or the officer in charge of our team to get the other lad in trouble officially. A short time later at an opportune moment [Read more]

Spite or justice? you decide
By A Alexander |

As an organisation the FA are well known for their belief in their self importance, so much so that they felt obliged in the interests of English football, rather than equity of punishment for infringements of the rules of on field behavour, to seek special treatment in a recent case. This is, of course, reference [Read more]

Diving, Cheating & Sufficient Contact
By L Dunsire |

Sone Aluko’s theatrical fall, one that ultimately resulted in Rangers taking a decisive two goal lead against Dunfermline last week, has dominated the back pages since. The former Aberdeen winger has now been punished for his actions, prompting heated debate among the Scottish football masses. While Aluko’s actions were undoubtedly deplorable, they are not uncommon, [Read more]

Time to stop getting shirty over celebrations
By L Dunsire |

As Rudi Skacel ended Hearts’ goal drought last month, firing a typically clinical finish past Inverness keeper Ryan Esson, something considerably more poignant was celebrated by the Czech midfielder. As he turned to receive the adulation from the Gorgie faithful he lifted his maroon jersey over his head, revealing a t-shirt underneath emblazoned with the [Read more]

Lies, Damn Lies & Statistics
By K Kujawa |

Anyone who has read my blogs or my forum posts will know that I love a good statistic. My head is full of them – I’m one of those people that can remember who scored a goal in an obscure match but can’t remember what he had for breakfast this morning. I even had [Read more]