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S8E26 Sean’s Scottish Cup Special
By K Kujawa |

It’s a Scottish Cup special as we have a special guest on who is playing in it this weekend. Sean McIlroy, striker for Auchinleck Talbot joins the two John’s. It’s a big week as they face Ayr in the fourth round. He is currently in his second spell with the club and has played at [Read more]

S8E25 M and M Attack
By K Kujawa |

It’s the two John’s on for the first podcast of 2019. You’d think it would be short with there being no Premiership action. The bulk of the podcast consists of transfer window chat in the Premiership with plenty of transfers happening already. The two Glasgow teams have been the busiest so far but there’s plenty [Read more]

S8E24 Dalek John, Brother John
By K Kujawa |

It’s the trio on this week as the two John’s and Krys are on. There are a couple of technical issues but hopefully it doesn’t spoil your listening pleasure too much. It’s a long one which may have to be listened to in two 45 minute halves. There’s plenty to talk about with it being [Read more]

S8E23 Krysmas Chocolate Log
By K Kujawa |

It’s a red and white podcast this week as Krys misses out. The two John’s are in fine and dandy mood as December is going so well for Aberdeen. The December fixture list has seen plenty of football played in the Premiership. At the top, there are four points separating the top four. Dundee are [Read more]

S8E22 Blame It On The Bovril
By K Kujawa |

It’s the two John’s and Krys on as they discuss the events in Scottish football. Plenty going on with European action and what’s been going on domestically. There were mixed fortunes as Celtic progressed while Rangers brexited Europe. Domestically, there were a good few teams who played twice in the Premiership. Rangers went back to [Read more]

S8E21 Angry Pants
By K Kujawa |

It’s the two John’s and Krys on as we have a full house. John passed a late fitness to come on. We have a road trip covering hot toddies to Scottish Football to angry pants to Scottish comedy. The TV fixtures for the Scottish Cup have been announced with the Ayrshire derby being picked. There [Read more]

S8E20 Pay For The Veg
By K Kujawa |

It’s the cup final trio on this week and every other week usually. Only one of out of three were a winner though. There’s plenty to talk about with European action, league business, cup fever, Scotland and some other obscure stuff. Keep tuned in till the end. Both Scottish teams had positive results in Europe [Read more]

S8E19 Talbot Highland Fling
By K Kujawa |

Two weeks in a row for a Talbot title, so you can guess which one of the Johns is on with Krys this week! First up, for the second week running, it’s good news from the Scottish national team as they book a place in the B-Section of the UEFA Nations League, and give themselves [Read more]

S8E18 Talbot Disco Light
By K Kujawa |

It’s the two John’s and Krys on this week as they discuss what’s gone on and what’s to come. They start off with chat about the new TV deal and all are in agreement it’s not a great deal. It’s disappointing that BT have lost out when they’ve done so well talking up our game. [Read more]

S817 – Simulation Jackson
By C Adey |

t’s the Two John’s this week as Krys takes a weeks break. As usual, there was a lot to discuss. Both Old Firm sides had contrasting results in their Europa League matches, and the theme continued domestically on Sunday. Was a red card shown in the wrong game? The rest of the Premiership action brought [Read more]