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S8E18 Talbot Disco Light
By K Kujawa |

It’s the two John’s and Krys on this week as they discuss what’s gone on and what’s to come. They start off with chat about the new TV deal and all are in agreement it’s not a great deal. It’s disappointing that BT have lost out when they’ve done so well talking up our game. [Read more]

S817 – Simulation Jackson
By C Adey |

t’s the Two John’s this week as Krys takes a weeks break. As usual, there was a lot to discuss. Both Old Firm sides had contrasting results in their Europa League matches, and the theme continued domestically on Sunday. Was a red card shown in the wrong game? The rest of the Premiership action brought [Read more]

S8E16 Statman John
By K Kujawa |

It’s the two John’s and Krys on in another fantastic episode of the podcast. There’s plenty to talk about as always. The guys skim over the midweek games but talk about events off the pitch in the Edinburgh derby. Both teams have suffered from a dip in form in recent games. Celtic continue to move [Read more]

S8E15 Smash and Grab
By K Kujawa |

It’s the semi final winners podcast as it’s the two John’s and Krys on. There’s plenty to talk about with European action, league business, cup action and more. There were mixed results for Celtic and Rangers in Europe with Rangers better placed to go through maybe. The Premiership saw just two games played with Hamilton [Read more]

S8E14 Penny for his Thoughts
By K Kujawa |

It’s the two John’s on as they discuss the current events in Scottish football. There’s plenty to talk about with league and Scottish Cup action at the weekend. There’s another big weekend coming up with the League Cup semi finals taking place. Both games are getting played on the same day and are tough to [Read more]

S8E13 Kardashian Bake Off
By K Kujawa |

It’s Krys and the two Johns as they review the TV shows from the last week. There is some football chat too thrown in. It starts with guilty pleasures and takes us on a journey back to some 90s nostalgia. The guys do as much as they can to avoid talking about Scotland but it [Read more]

S8E12 Forrest Trump
By K Kujawa |

It’s the two John’s on as Krys has to miss the podcast which I’m sure he’ll get roasted for next week. That’s kind of a clue as to why he missed it. The Edinburgh clubs remain on top in the Premiership but Hearts unbeaten run came to an end. Eight games in and everyone has [Read more]

S8E11 Salt n Sauce Premiership
By K Kujawa |

It’s John and Krys on this week as they discuss what’s happening in Scottish football. Plenty to talk about with the Premiership review, the lower leagues, European chat and the Scotland squad being announced. The Premiership has a distinct eastern flavour with the Edinburgh clubs on top and near neighbours Livingston not far off. The [Read more]

S8E10 League Cup Royal Rumble
By K Kujawa |

It’s the two John’s and Krys on. We had the missing podcast last week which Krys managed to summarise on the Twitter account. It’s a strange occurrence as we record the podcast on a Thursday. It couldn’t have been timed better, due to the decision being made that both League Cup semi finals will be [Read more]

S8E8 Timeshares in Trondheim
By K Kujawa |

We’re on the match with Shelley’s army! France 2019 here we come! The two Johns and Krys are in jubilant mood this week at being able to utter words that haven’t been mentioned in over twenty years. Thanks especially go to those wonderful Polish women who held Switzerland to a draw, a point Krys makes [Read more]