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Ta Ta Wayne?
By A Alexander |

According to media reports Wayne Rooney is both angry and confused at his current treatment at the hands of Manchester United. Given that he was born confused the only piece of news concerns his feeling of anger or should that be frustration at failing to get his own way. Fans will recall the first time [Read more]

Has the FA backed itself into a corner?
By A Alexander |

The FA has rightly charged John Terry over the racist incident involving Anton Ferdinand, after the former England captain had been cleared following a similar action against him by the police. It would appear that there was insufficient proof beyond reasonable doubt that Terry had made the racist comments even although some other players supported [Read more]

Spite or justice? you decide
By A Alexander |

As an organisation the FA are well known for their belief in their self importance, so much so that they felt obliged in the interests of English football, rather than equity of punishment for infringements of the rules of on field behavour, to seek special treatment in a recent case. This is, of course, reference [Read more]

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The best league in the world Ma(ars)e
By A Alexander |

Last night’s European champions league final surely dispelled the FA’s self acclaimed status of “best league in the world” so lovingly bestowed upon the Barclay’s Premier League. On the turf of their very own National Stadium the winners of the so called best league in the world were absolutely thrashed by the internationally accepted best [Read more]

Respect – My Posterior
By A Alexander |

Wayne Rooney once again finds himself in trouble after swearing at a TV camera after completing a hattrick against West Ham

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The worst fouls in the game
By A Alexander |

Crime can sometimes pay depending on who you are

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